We love to love old. Throwback Thursdays. Flashback Fridays. ’80s covers bands. Most often we love it for the novelty. It’s fun, but ironic. Particularly with technology, it’s rare that we see true value in the old. “Here’s To Being Brave” challenges that.

The short film follows an elderly man at the “Life is Beautiful” festival in Las Vegas. He’s carrying a Walkman (you remember them, they were the original iPods). He looks lost, and a little lonely. But when he shares what’s on the Walkman with other concert-goers, we see that even old technology can give us something beautiful.

Watch the video below. You may even shed a tear or two.

Here’s To Being Brave from Critical Focus Agency on Vimeo.

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'Here's To Being Brave' gives new life to old tech – CNET