It’s our last show of the week, and we’re spending it wondering what in the world Disney and Lucasfilm have cooked up in the way of merch for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” They’re hosting a global live stream filled with new toy unboxings next week, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. Lego? RC robots? Action figures? All signs point to yes, but we’ll know for sure when the event kicks off next week.

The Open Bionics team is celebrating a huge victory, having been awarded the 2015 UK James Dyson award for their smooth, rounded, human-like prosthetic hand. They’ve open sourced the instructions to anyone with a 3D printer, and hope to sell the robotic limbs for about $1,500 USD starting next year, making it both a financially and aesthetically attractive option for prosthetics wearers.

We love the futuristic fashions designer Anouk Wipprecht brings to the table; last time we saw her, she was showing off a 3D-printed spider dress on our CES stage. This week, she’s unveiled a capsule collection of four dresses inspired by the Audi A4 luxury vehicle. From projection, to proximity shields, to full on headlights on one dress, it’s a fun collaboration we really loved checking out.


233: ‘Star Wars’ #ForceFriday event is an 18-hour, live unboxing stream

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'Star Wars' #ForceFriday event is an 18-hour, live unboxing stream (Tomorrow Daily 233)