Instagram is becoming a popular platform in India, with almost 6 million monthly users in the country

We asked the people behind some of India’s most creative Instagram accounts how they use the platform and what makes it unique.

1. Chandan Khanna (@khannachandan)
A Delhi-based photojournalist with AFP, Khanna documents street scenes in the capital and other north Indian cities with verve. Some Instagrams were taken while Khanna was on assignment, such as a fascinating series on hand-rolled beedi (cigarette) makers in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh. Khanna also runs @peopleofdelhi, a series of close-up and monochromatic portraits of the people who call Delhi home. “Instagram gives you an international audience at the very moment you post a picture online,” Khanna says. “Instagram kept me alive as a photographer even before I started working for AFP.” Read more…

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12 Instagrammers offer unique takes on India