San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Santiago Casilla in the 11th inning of Game 2, October 4.

Image: Patrick Semansky/Associated Press
By Chris Taylor2014-10-05 04:37:29 UTC

It’s a rare baseball game that ends on a different day than it started — and only one postseason matchup in Major League history has lasted twice as long as a regulation game.

That would be Saturday night-Sunday morning’s epic game 2 between the Washington Nationals and the San Francisco Giants, which stretched to 18 innings before the Giants’ Brandon Belt delivered a crucial solo home run.

The 6 hour, 24-minute matchup tested the patience of fans in the stadium — many of whom left as many as 9 innings before the end — as well as testing the limits of many DVR devices.

On Twitter, where #SFvsWAS, #NatsvGiants and #18innings became three of the top trending hashtags in the U.S., viewers offered increasingly outrageous estimations of how long the game had lasted.

#SFvsWAS game took 6 hours 23 mins… a flight from Washington to San Francisco takes 5 hours 39 mins.

— SportingCharts (@sportingcharts) October 5, 2014

Hope the exit traffic from #SFvsWAS doesn’t interfere with Hillary Clinton’s inaugural parade.

— Dan Ewen (@VaguelyFunnyDan) October 5, 2014

#SFvsWAS game took some Viagra after all these commercials.

They might want to call their physician as it won’t go down after 17 innings.

— David Lagana (@Lagana) October 5, 2014

The #SFvsWAS game is now old enough to vote.

— Ryan Parker (@TheRyanParker) October 5, 2014

How long is this #SFvsWAS #NLDS Game? This is Jayson Werth at the start of it and now.

— Gregg Greene (@RealGregg) October 5, 2014

Wanna feel old? Tonight’s #SFvsWAS game started before you were born.

— Diane N. Sevenay (@Diane_7A) October 5, 2014

The fans are loving this Giants-Nationals game. #SFvsWAS

— JRehling (@JRehling) October 5, 2014

Well, now I think this is the Waiting for Godot production of the MLB playoffs. #SFvsWAS

— Jane McGonigal (@avantgame) October 5, 2014

Just remember the real horror here: beer sales ended ten innings ago. #SFvsWAS #NLDS #fb

— Douglas Berry (@gridlore) October 5, 2014

Even Senator Rand Paul chimed in with a parliamentary analogy:

I didn’t realize you could filibuster a baseball game.

— Senator Rand Paul (@SenRandPaul) October 5, 2014

Still, the Giants and the Nationals had a long way to go before they hit the all-time professional baseball record of 33 innings, or the MLB record of 26 innings, set in 1920.

The Giants won game 1 of the series on Friday. Game 3 takes place back at AT&T park in San Francisco on Monday.