Fox’s ‘Gotham,’ starring (from left) Robin Lord Taylor and Ben McKenzie, is among one of the most anticipated shows of the new fall season.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX
By Sandra Gonzalez2014-09-08 13:29:52 UTC

“You’ll never know if you don’t try,” said some smart person at some time in history, probably not talking about television.

Still, the phrase very much applies as career couch potatoes prepare to enter the most stressful time of the year: fall TV.

With more than 25 new TV shows vying for a spot on your TV schedule like a gaggle of awkward middle schoolers hoping to be asked to dance at the Spring Fling, it’s almost too much pressure to bear.

Thankfully, Mashable has brought help in the form of our handy guide to new fall shows.

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  2. Gallery-znation
  3. Falltv-redbandsocietyfixed
  4. Falltv-selfiefixed
  5. Gallery-utopia
  6. Transparentfixed
  7. Falltv-constantinefixed
  8. Gallery-kingdom
  9. Falltv-scorpion2fixed
  10. Falltv-atozfixed
  11. Falltv-howtogetawayfixed
  12. Falltv-madamsecretaryfixed
  13. Gallery-ncisnola
  14. Gallery-gotham
  15. Gallery-blackish
  16. Gallery-marryme
  17. Falltv-stateofaffairsfixed
  18. Falltv-theaffairfixed