Clare Thom, Boy George, Michele Clapton. Coach trip to Margate.

Image: Graham Smith/Youth Club/PYMCA

It was about rebellion, creativity, originality, being yourself and having a damn good time doing it.
Graham Smith

These pictures, taken from Graham Smith’s book We Can Be Heroes: London Clubland 1976–84, chart the rise of London’s club scene from punk in the late 1970s to the New Romantics in the 1980s, as seen from an insider’s point of view.

Smith chronicled these captivating times and characters in his unofficial role as house photographer of the London clubs. Designing the record sleeves of many of the scene’s key members, Smith was at the heart of this vibrant creative community, which transformed London nightlife and launched faces like Boy George, Spandau Ballet, Sade and Stephen Jones. Read more…

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1979-1981: Clubbing in London with the rebellious New Romantics