Have you ever gone into a tricky conversation with someone at work, determined to stick to your guns and make sure things go your way — only to leave that same conversation having promised away your weekends, sanity, and shoes?

How did that just happen? you wonder, as you shrink back to your desk to dream up words that rhyme with “backbone.”

So, to help you out the next time someone makes an unreasonable request or pulls you into another equally tough conversation, here are a few pointers on how to remain firm and come out on top.

1. Know your deal-breakers

Before you go into the conversation, you have to know your deal-breakers — the things you absolutely won’t compromise on. For example, giving up the weekend of your kids’ birthdayWorking late on date night. Taking the heat for something that didn’t have anything to do with you Read more…

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4 ways to help you get through a tough conversation without backing down