Warning: Spoilers ahead.

LOS ANGELES — Monday’s “most dramatic episode of The Bachelor ever” had a lot of predictability.

After telling two women he loved them, boring/”perfect” Bachelor Ben Higgins finally proposed to his soon-to-be wife. Spoiler: He picked the blonde.

As always, it was both entertaining and painful to watch it all go down.

Here are 46 thoughts Mashable’s “Bach talk” Slack group had while watching Ben’s love triangle unfold.

We warned you about the spoilers.

1. JoJo’s family, Lauren’s family, Ben’s pastor and a gazebo/bridal arch at the viewing party — wait, is Ben getting married, TONIGHT?!?! This is basically the producers’ way of saying: Get married tonight, because there is no way this is going to last long enough to televise your wedding later. Read more…

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