Ten years after Hurricane Katrina and the resulting flood devastated New Orleans, the city is back, but undeniably different. Despite the innumerable changes of the past decade, NOLA remains a rich, wonderful place, one with a rhythm and pace all its own. There isn’t another city like New Orleans or another region quite like the Gulf Coast. There’s no end of Instagrammers offering small glimpses into the region. These five are especially compelling.

@spitta_andretti is present for peace. #jetlife X #peacekeepers X #paintwhereitaint

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Baton Rouge photographer Patrick Melon’s (@melontao) striking images document communities in Louisiana and beyond. Melon’s Tumblr is worth a look too.

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Elliott Kirkland Taylor’s (@ekt) diaristic photos of everyday life have gained him over 50k followers on Instagram. Expect lots of interesting architecture and dreamy moods.

New Orleans photographer Chris Granger’s (@cgranger) work is part journalism and part visual diary. We love this video of a rescue dog having a roll in the Bayou St.

“I don’t really like celebrating it because to me it’s more like a sad day. A lot of people died and a lot of us suffered. If you’re going to have a reunion, do it for the people that died. Put flowers where they died at. Just pray and thank God the ones that survived. I just thank God my mama wasn’t living at the time. I woulda hate to see her go through that. I done seen a lot of people died. A lot of people been through a lot, and you got some people still affected by it – get flashbacks just thinking about it. Don’t make it to where it’s a party where everybody get together and drink and all that. To me it feels like they laughing at you, like it’s funny or something. I think it’s insulting, that’s my opinion.” #nolabeings #neworleans A photo posted by NOLAbeings (@nolabeings) on

Claire Bangser (@NOLAbeings) takes a Humans of New York approach to photographing the people of New Orleans. Her beautiful portraits are paired with equally eloquent stories.

The lighting in this place is always perfect. Check out @marcustaillon, thanks for tagging! A photo posted by New Orleans Abandonments (@abandonednola) on

New Orleans Abandonments (@abandonednola) is run by (@theshortestsim), but is actually sourced from submissions. For those who love deserted spaces and old buildings, this Instagram is the place to go.

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5 Gulf Coast Photographers You Need to Be Following