They’re as crucial to the movies as the characters and the plot, and we’ve all daydreamed about hitching a ride in one — yes we’re talking about the Batmobiles and the Ghostbusters of the world. Here’s our roundup of the best fictional vehicles in history, and why they are so very great.

1. The Batmobile

This list would be woefully incomplete without the Batmobile, which has evolved over time from its humble origins as a simple red convertible in 1966 to the fully-fledged automobile in The Dark Knight Rises.

Over the years, the Batmobile has sported many crazy gadgets designed by the B man himself. These include: a handset with a direct hotline to police headquarters, spare Batman and Robin costumes and utility belts, a traveling crime-lab, asbestos costumes (ingenious!) and a portable first-aid kit. Sensible. Read more…

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