How often do you feel distracted at work? All the time, right? I bet those distractions keep you from getting a lot of stuff accomplished on a regular basis

In a 2013 study, nearly 50% of surveyed workers in open office settings cited the lack of sound privacy as a significant problem from day to day. Luckily, technology’s made it easier than ever to block out those distractions, manage your schedule more efficiently, and re-focus your priorities.

If that all sounds like Heaven to you, here’s what you need to download.


This one helps minimizes distractions by keeping your focus on your active window. Based on the settings you choose, Isolator completely hides windows other that your active window, blurs the windows behind your active window, hides your dock bar, and more. Read more…

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6 apps for people who are easily distracted at work (a.k.a., everyone)