Super Mario Maker is only a few weeks away from release now, but Nintendo‘s still got some surprises to share about its creativity-driven Wii U game before it arrives on Sept. 11.

A newly shared overview video gives an up-close look at a few of the features in the game that had only been touched on before. Some hadn’t even been mentioned at all. It’s worth a watch just to see some of the wacky creations that are possible with Nintendo’s “create your own Mario” game, but here’s a quick rundown of the key points.

1. Shake everything

Grabbing an item from your toolbox and giving it a shake — just scribble the GamePad stylus for a few seconds — can sometimes turn it into something else. Green Koopas become Red Koopas. Vertical springboards spin around 90 degrees to shove you (or whatever else) along horizontally. One Boo splits into Circling Boo Buddies. Read more…

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