Netflix will have a lot of ground to cover in its upcoming revival of Gilmore Girls. After all, a lot has changed in the eight years since the series ended. (Or seven, if you discount the last season — as true fans do.)

We’ll likely see more fresh pots of coffee and mile-a-minute babbling — but this time around, Friday night dinners could consist of Emily Gilmore ordering Seamless and pretending she cooked. Behold: a look at what Lorelai, Rory and Luke might be up to in 2015.

After a respectful mourning period for Richard, Emily Gilmore decides she’s ready to wade back into dating. Lorelai signs her up for Tinder.

Lorelai: Mom, this will be good for you.

Emily: I don’t know, Lorelai. You just swipe each person away? That seems awfully judgmental.

Lorelai: Like I said, perfect for you

Emily: For God’s sake, Lorelai, I don't even have a good photo to — what on Earth are you doing?

Lorelai: It's called a selfie, mom.

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