It’s just a game.

This is what I told myself, repeatedly, as I experienced the Resident Evil series in virtual reality for the first time. It was just a game, it couldn’t hurt me. I wasn’t really in a creepy, decrepit old farmhouse—just in a press demo room that happened to be modeled after the rooms in said creepy house. I knew it was just a game. I knew I was safe.

So why was I gripped with fear every time I looked over my shoulder?

Resident Evil VII is both a return to the series’ roots and a new chapter in its history. For the first time ever, the entire game is in first-person, eschewing the traditional third-person view the Resident Evil games have generally used for two decades. It takes place within the series’ canon a few years after the events of Resident Evil VI, so it’s not a reboot or reimagining. The focus on survival horror rather than action and shooting, however, is throwing it way back to the earliest RE games, back when they took place in contained locations around Raccoon City. Read more…

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‘Resident Evil VII’ is scary in first person and scarier in VR