FIFA president Gianni Infantino seems to think bigger is indeed better.

Speaking Monday in Bogota, Colombia, Infantino outlined his vision for a 48-team World Cup beginning in 2026, according to multiple reports.

That would expand the tournament’s current 32-team field by half — but Infantino could make even more changes.

Expanding the World Cup to 48 teams would mean “more countries and regions all over the world would be happy,” Infantino said Monday, according to the Associated Press.

It would also create an 80-match World Cup, as opposed to what is now a 64-match tournament — which would in turn make broadcast and marketing deals for the once-every-four-year event even more lucrative. The Associated Press reports the 2014 World Cup in Brazil earned about $5 billion for FIFA. Read more…

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A 48-team World Cup? Here’s how it would work.