It wasn’t supposed to be like this

After all the years of stupid talk about curses, about goats, about Steve Bartman, it looked like the stars had aligned

And it was in the movieBack To The Future II. That stupid, stupid movie which hung around at the back of all our minds this season. The man told Marty McFly, on the film’s version October 21, 2015, with his own sense of disbelief, “Who woulda thought? A hundred-to-one shot.”

There are quibbles to be sure: The Cubs couldn’t “sweep” a World Series in five games since a World Series is a best-of-seven contest and they wouldn’t have played Miami in the World Series (barring realignment). But here we are, on the day the movie said the Cubs would win and, well, it didn’t come to pass, thanks to the New York Mets. Read more…

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A Cubs fan laments the team’s failed ‘Back To The Future’ destiny