Pokemon Go servers in Asia have been unlocked. Go forth and catch them all.

Aloysius Low/CNET

The keys for Nintendo’s wildly popular, region-locked game, Pokemon Go, appear to have been found for some parts of Asia. Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei now look to be populated with Pokestops and Gyms, so enterprising trainers in those countries can now go hunting for Pokemon.

However, at the time of writing the apps aren’t yet available in those country’s iOS and Google app stores. In the case of iOS, you’ll have to grab the game from either the US or Australian App Store, while Android users can download the APK.

As always, stay safe while hunting and if you need help, this handy Pokemon Go guide should teach you everything you’ll need to know. And if you want to be the king of gym battles? Here’s another guide filled with tips.

Update 9.10 p.m. PT: The servers in Singapore and Taipei have been shut down. That’s sad news for prospective Pokemasters, but this could indicate that an official launch in these countries is imminent.


A wild Pokemon Go appears in parts of Asia – CNET