When Kiran Gandhi realized she had just started her period on the day of the London Marathon in April, she paused: It was her first marathon, and she had been training for a year to complete it. She could deal with it quietly — or not.

She chose the latter.

“The real decision for me was about prioritizing somebody else’s comfort and protecting somebody else’s eyes over my own ability to run the marathon. I felt that it represented a problem in our society,” Gandhi told Mashable. “We’ve created a stigma around periods in which you can’t talk about them, and you have to clean them up and you have to pretend they don’t exist… And if you do choose to clean it up, that’s fine. Most women are completely comfortable wearing tampons. But in the moments where it’s not the best option for you, that should be my choice.” Read more…

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A woman ran the London Marathon without a tampon to protest period-shaming