Absurd Creature of the Week is celebrating its 100th critter this Friday! To mark the occasion, we’re compiling our favorite animal stars: Yesterday it was the most now-I’m-doubting-in-a-just-god creatures, and today we’re looking back at the goofiest-looking critters we’ve ever seen. (And you can trust our judgment, because we trawl for this stuff constantly.) In the gallery above, we’ve got an elephant ancestor with a spork for a face, a squid that looks like a bee stung it in the eyeball, and a toad that’s seen the wrong side of a semi—oh wait, it’s supposed to look like that.

Check in again tomorrow when we recap the cutest Absurd Creatures of the Week. (Also, did you know the column now has a companion show? It’s true, and it’s right here.) And you can browse the full Absurd Creature of the Week archive here, if this here roundup isn’t enough for you. One hundred isn’t a stopping point, either: If there’s an animal you want me to cover, you can email [email protected] or ping me on Twitter at @mrMattSimon.

But for now, onward to the weirdness.

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Absurd Creature of the Week’s Goofiest-Looking Critters