LONDON — The obvious comparison was Lionel Richie, but now music fans have noticed a similarity between Adele’s “Hello” and another song: Tom Waits’ “Martha.”

Listeners on Twitter think that the premise of her song, calling an old friend on the phone, is eerily similar to that of his 1973 track from his album Closing Time.

On “Martha,” a 24-year-old Waits imagines himself as an older man, calling an old flame and reminiscing about their times together before revealing that he’s still in love with her. On “Hello,” a 27-year-old Adele calls an anonymous person (on a flip phone, which Waits is unlikely to have used) to say “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.” Read more…

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Adele accused of copying Tom Waits on ‘Hello’