Seeing Shia LaBeouf watch all of his movies brought joy to many — but mostly to Shia himself.

The temperamental actor spoke about the experience with Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, his collaborators on the #AllMyMovies project, and the co-founder of New Hive, the website that live-streamed the event — which you can view in full now, if you dare. Their comprehensive discussion covers self-worth, love, art, celebrity, reflexive biological functions and, of course, pizza

Shortly after the marathon’s conclusion, LaBeouf already feels like a changed man. He’s no longer hiding from himself; though he used to tell baristas his name is James, he even feels comfortable giving his real name at coffee shops now. Which, of course, prompts a question — has Shia LaBeouf been pretending to be James Franco at coffee shops all this time? Read more…

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After watching all the Shia LaBeouf movies, Shia LaBeouf is cool with being Shia LaBeouf again