“The next big thing in Hollywood has arrived!”

That’s the tagline ABC and Marvel have touted for weeks now in the lead-up to Agent Carter Season 2, and with very good reason: Hayley Atwell’s Captain America action hero has ditched the Big Apple for the bright lights of the opposite coast. But the series managed to shift gears without abandoning all the heroes and villains that made its first eight-episode season such an adrenaline-packed adventure.

Before making her California dreams come true, Peggy has one last matter to settle in New York. The opening minutes of the season premiere center on tying up one of the loosest ends from Season 1: Soviet assassin Dorothy “Dottie” Underwood, one of the chief antagonists of Agent Carter last year. Read more…

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‘Agent Carter’: Season’S 2 premiere put Peggy on a ‘Strange’ road out west