Spoiler Alert: Plot points in the Season 7 premiere of The Good Wife are discussed below

Let’s be honest: Season 6 of The Good Wife was kind of a disappointment, especially when compared to the show’s excellent and turbulent Season 5. The good news? The Good Wife returned Sunday with a premiere that hit the reset button and feels a bit more like classic Good Wife

“Bond” is a satisfying season opener that finds its characters adjusting to the new status quo and sets up a season about redemption

Last season ended with the fiendish Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) knocking on a recently disgraced and unemployed Alicia Florrick’s door and asking if she wanted partner with him. Meanwhile, Peter Florrick was considering entering the presidential race and Kalinda left the show (I’m still not over that faked, final Alicia-Kalinda scene — actually, let’s not even talk about it) Read more…

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Alicia starts to make her comeback in ‘The Good Wife’ season 7 premiere