Let’s face it, January is not exactly everyone’s favourite month. Your bank balance is considerably depleted, you’re almost certain you snogged your colleague at the office party, and you’re beginning to regret consuming your bodyweight in chocolate. The outlook looks pretty bleak.

But wait, there are actually plenty of reasons to get excited about January. Here are just a few of the great things in store …

No more Christmas shopping.

Black Friday sales at Tesco, Cardiff

January spells the end of Christmas shopping pandaemonium.

Image: EPA/Matthew Horwood UK OUT

If you’ve spent the past few weeks on a quest for the perfect Christmas present for your Auntie Brenda, you’ll know that Christmas shopping is not always the most pleasurable of experiences. Whether you’re buying a gift for the girl who has everything, or shopping for the fussiest relative in the world; shopping for other people is hard. Shopping for yourself, however, is a whole other story. Well, guess what? January is all about you. Read more…

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All hail January, the most underrated month of the year