In “Why is This Night Different?”, the fourth episode in Homeland’s fifth season, Showtime’s veteran CIA drama slowly unpacks layers and layers of betrayal — all of which literally goes out with a bang.

After being taken down by Quinn outside a cabin, Carrie comes to in a basement-slash-makeshift-bunker, chained to the bed. Relieved to see Quinn, Carrie asks him to free her from her shackles — only to realize that Quinn is her captor.

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Luckily, Quinn does not intend to kill Carrie, his most recently assigned mark. He stages her assassination by smearing his own blood on her face, and has her pose for a kill-shot photo. Then he informs Carrie that Saul is the one who slipped her name into his yellow mailbox. But Carrie does not believe that, and neither do we, given the ominous stranger whom we saw drop Carrie’s name in Quinn’s assassination inbox. Read more…

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