Pixar’s Inside Out was yet another hit for the studio, both at the box office and with critics. And it’s the third straight creative and thematic success for director Pete Docter. When the blu-ray hits shelves, fans of the film will get a chance to peek behind the production process and learn more about how exactly the representation of Riley’s mind came to be.

“Processing Memories” is one of several featurettes on the blu-ray, and we’ve got an exclusive clip to debut. Production Designer Ralph Eggleston discusses how the architecture of the walls in Riley’s Headquarters actually has basis in science’s understanding of how the mind works.

Take, for example, how the memory orbs float up and away at the end of the day for sorting in long term memory: that’s meant to mimic how memories get dispersed and sorted while we sleep. And as Pete Docter describes, the design of that representation came from Pixar animators taking a trip to an egg-sorting factory, which makes sense given the wire-frame tracks and conveyors that the orbs traverse as they move from Headquarters out to long term memory.

Inside Out will be available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on October 13, and on Blu-Ray Combo Pack November 3.

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An Egg Factory Inspired How Inside Out Visualized Memories