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By Adario Strange2014-08-30 15:41:37 UTC

Put that hammer away! Don’t smash your poor, inadequate watches just yet.

As it turns out, an earlier report that said Apple’s iWatch will arrive in September has been updated with a very important caveat: You’ll have to wait to buy it.

Re/Code, the same website that revealed Apple’s wearable device will debut at the company’s now confirmed September event, reported on Friday that the so-called iWatch will only be “announced,” and not offered for sale at the event.

Citing an anonymous source with knowledge of the situation, Re/Code said the iWatch is “not shipping anytime soon,” with actual retail availability not coming until sometime after the holidays, possibly early 2015.

A staggered launch after the announcement of a major new mobile product wouldn’t be without precedent for Apple. The original iPhone wasn’t available to consumers until months after its unveiling. Despite that delay, giving competitors time to rush to offer similar alternatives, Apple still managed to become the standard bearer for what we call a smartphone today.

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And while some might be disappointed by the news, a look at the recent history of iWatch rumors would appear to support this updated narrative. A report back in June claimed the iWatch would begin production in July for release in October.

So while the June report suggested that an iWatch might be available this year, the previously reported manufacturing window of July — just two months before September — would make it very difficult for Apple to get its wearable device on our wrists in several weeks.

We still don’t know exactly when the iWatch will be available in stores, but it’s likely that we’ll at least get a peek at Apple’s new wearable in just a few weeks.

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