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Let’s be clear: The Apple Watch has always been a luxury item. When you’re spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a first generation gadget, there’s no disputing that. But the Apple watch just got a helluva lot fancier thanks to a recently announced partnership with Hermes.

Apple collaborated with the luxury fashion brand to create a special edition watch. What we’ve seen so far includes three hand stitched leather straps (including Hermes’ signature double tour) and a gleaming black watch face. You can imagine how the partnership could go even deeper once you consider using luxury materials. Just think: a diamond-encrusted watch or a super-luxe rose gold variety. Hermes makes pretty gorgeous watches in its own right, so there’s reason to hope that it might elevate the Apple Watch’s, um, somewhat lacking aesthetic.

The Hermes straps and faces will be available at select stores in October, and while they probably won’t be cheap, they will look pretty great with that new anodized gold finish.

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Apple Partners With Hermes To Make Your Watch Ultra Fancy