One thing about online movies: you don’t go for the brain food. The selection is often random and dissatisfying

Tribeca Shortlist (TSL) launched on Wednesday as an attempt at a different type of on-demand movie subscription service, focused on quality, curation and turnover. The service will only feature about 150 movies at a time, for $4.99 a month with the chance to rise to $5.99 after the first year

“I think a lot of us have had the experience on movie services where you’re just endlessly clicking through this search spiral,” said Jeff Bronikowski, president of Tribeca Shortlist. “When there’s 5,000 movies, you always feel like you can keep clicking and find something you like better.” Read more…

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Artsy movies finally get their time in the sun with Tribeca Shortlist, which is like ‘Netflix for indies’