The humble kebab — similar to shawarma, for any Americans reading — is an icon, a cultural touchstone and the crown jewel of Australia’s culinary scene. Wherever in Australia you inebriate yourself, you will find a kebab shop not too far away.

A documentary exploring how close the nation holds the Turkish dish to its collective heart, Kebab Kings, is now being released thanks to SBS. It looks delicious.

CJZ, the production company responsible for the doco, set up two cameras in kebab shops in Sydney and Melbourne and recorded the comings and goings over a few weeks in a busy holiday period. What follows is a fly on the wall look at how Australians act, behave and come together when they’ve had a beer (or 12) and are looking for some calorie comfort. The show seems like it will be heartwarming and shocking in equal measure. Read more…

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Australia’s deep, deep love of kebabs explored in new documentary