University of Nevada, Reno Math Professor Raul Rojas, along with three German colleagues, just completed a record-setting 1,500-mile autonomous drive through Mexico.

Averaging 250 to 300 miles a day, the number of daily miles occupants could remain alert, the team drove the retrofitted 2010 Volkswagen Passat wagon from Nogales to Mexico City. Along the journey, they passed through four major cities, including Guadalajara, as well as numerous construction cites.

Prof. Rojas' Autonomous VW Passat

Image: University of Nevada, Reno

Before they made the journey, Rojas and a graduate student spent six days driving through Nevada, California, Arizona and Mexico gathering driving data from the onboard sensors, which included seven laser scanners, nine video cameras, seven radars and a highly precise GPS unit. At the end of that 4,000-mile journey, Rojas and the graduate student spent an additional 10 days in the lab checking the data for glitches. Read more…

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Autonomous car completes 1,500-mile trip through Mexico