If you ask Ben Bridwell, making an album is a little bit like dating.

Just like a lot of people tend to seek out a new partner based on what they didn’t find in their previous relationship, he admits that Band of Horses tend to go to extremes from album to album.

In fact, since their 2006 debut Everything All the Time — the critically adored home of “The Funeral” — Bridwell says that every new album “has been a direct result and contrast to the one that preceded it.”

Looking back on Infinite Arms, their largest, most cinematic album, Bridwell is hesitant to describe it as overproduced, but admits “we kind of went bonkers with it.” And despite the fact that the album was nominated for a Grammy for Best Alternative Album, they once again went in the opposite direction two years later on Mirage Rock, an album that didn’t take itself quite as seriously, opting for a mix of analogue and live recording for what Bridwell considered to be a decidedly “haphazard” sound. Read more…

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Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell on how ‘Why Are You OK’ is like a new girlfriend