Beck’s music video for “Wow,” his banger of a single, begins and ends in the wild west. A horse gallops, dust swirls up from a dirt road, a cowboy twirls his guns. Like most music videos, “Wow” seems to unfold in a romantic but totally arbitrary setting.

But it gets weird quick. With help from a slew of a digital artists, Beck and director Grady Hall turned most of “Wow” into a “music video art gallery.” That’s how artist Andy Gregg describes it in a caption from his Instagram account. He says Beck’s production team approached him and a handful of other artists to contribute pieces to “Wow.” That work shows up in one- or two-second clips, interspersed between all those spaghetti western visuals.

Most of the featured guest artists create animations that are both hyper-realistic but totally abstract. Randy Cano, who specializes in trippy 3D motion graphics, contributed an animated thumbs-up that melts into a milky puddle. John McLaughlin’s furry, hyper-realistic characters—the same ones that populate his work and Instagram account—make cameos, too. The detail in his animations is so precise, they look more like toys you could hold in your hand than something born from software.

Taken together, these clips lend “Wow” a texture that really set it apart, aesthetically—no small feat in a medium that has always hinged on the strange marriage of musical and cinematic expression.

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