LOS ANGELES — Before they were comic fodder for Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan, the Gorgeous Ladies of WrestlingG.L.O.W. to those of us old enough to remember it — were unintentional comic fodder for another TV mastermind, who just happens to be Sylvester Stallone’s mom.

That’s right: Just about the time her boy Sly was off making Cobra, Over the Top and Rambo III, Jacqueline Stallone was part of the producing team that launched G.L.O.W., the inspiration behind Netflix’s new comedy of the same name.

Jacqueline Stallone also played the manager in the hypnotically bizarre free-association improv exercise that was part women’s-pro-wrestling show, part spicy-food dream of the mid 1980s. Read more…

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Before Netflix, G.L.O.W. was an ’80s fever dream starring Sylvester Stallone’s mom