Flippfly’s Race the Sun borrows a concept from Tiny Wings: You have until the sun goes down to get as far as you possibly can. In
execution, it’s vastly different.

Race the Sun is a third-person racing game in which you pilot a solar-powered craft across an alien landscape,
dodging obstacles and collecting multipliers and pickups that extend daylight,
giving you more time to race.

Every 24 hours, the landscape resets and changes,
which means every day, the game has something different to offer, while
completing challenges allows you to add upgrades to your ship.

The clean, simple graphics combined with the responsive
controls make the experience feel somehow serene, even when you’re dodging for
your life.


Platforms: iOS

Price: $4.99 | AU$6.49 | £3.99 (iOS)

Link – 

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