When it comes to truly beautiful art, the eyes have it — over and over again.

Canadian artist Alex Garant’s art series, Queen of Double Eyes, takes the viewer on a visual experience with brain-bending optical illusions.

At first glance, the brain may want to see Garant’s portraits as realistically stunning paintings of young women, but they quickly change into mind-altering visions that make you do a double take. Or at least make you want to rub your eyes a little.

“I wanted to play on the physical response…when your vision tries to adjust and adapt the image for full comprehension. I thought I could push the idea even further by playing with overlaying images, aiming to truly engage the viewer in the piece. Looking at one of those pieces should be more than just looking at something pretty, it should become an extra-sensorial experience,” Garant told Mashable. Read more…

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Blurry vision never looked so beautiful in mind-bending art series