Booth struggles with grief in the aftermath of Sweets’ death.

Image: Fox
By Sandra Gonzalez2014-10-01 15:22:58 UTC

Is your heart still ripped to shreds after last week’s episode of Bones? Well, just wait until you see what’s in store this week.

In this exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode, we see that Bones and Booth are having trouble putting the pieces back together in the the aftermath of Sweets’ death. Booth is particularly shouldering the blame because, as he sees it, he should have been the one to serve the warrant that ultimately led to Sweets’ fatal attack.

Brennan is quick to comfort him, but this is going to be a long road, folks.

Oh, and there’s one more person they have to break the news to, as you’ll see in the sneak peek. But we won’t spoil that gut-punching moment.

Watch the clip, below:

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