The legend of the buried Atari 2600 E.T. games now has a lucrative coda as online sales of the unearthed cartridges, plus several others recovered during a 2014 dig in New Mexico, reached nearly $108,000 in online auction sales.

The Alamogordo News reports that 881 of the recovered cartridges, a mix of the classic flop E.T. and a handful of other games like Missile Command, Defender, and Swordquest, have netted $107,930.15 via online auctions on eBay

According to Tularosa Basin Historical Society Vice President Joe Lewandowski, the man that aided the excavation, the city of Alamagordo sold 881 games while sitting aside another 297 cartridges to sell later. Over 100 other games were distributed to museums and other vendors Read more…

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Buried Atari 2600 ‘E.T.’ games net over $100,000 in online auctions