“Now you’re playing with power!”

That’s the marketing line used to hype the Oct. 18, 1985 launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. The boxy grey-and-white console launched with an oddball robot controller, dubbed R.O.B., and 18 games.

Can you remember all of them? Everyone knows Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, but how about Donkey Kong Jr. Math? Let’s take a look back at what brand new NES fans had to choose from when Nintendo first planted its flag in the U.S. 30 years ago.


Image: Nintendo

10-Yard Fight

Video game (American) football might have exploded around the popularity of Tecmo Bowl, but 10-Yard Fight was there at the NES launch to give pigskin fans their fix. Sort of. Read more…

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Can you remember all 18 games that launched with the NES in 1985?