SINGAPORE — The Chinese government has blacklisted four of the Chinese tourists who staged a loud protest at a Bangkok airport in retaliation for a flight delay two weeks ago, SCMP reports.

A group of tourists refused to board a plane at the Don Mueang airport in Bangkok on Sept. 4, after a 10-hour flight delay. They were supposed to get on an evening flight which was delayed till the early hours of the morning, and vented their frustration with a loud rendition of the Chinese national anthem at the waiting area.

People’s Daily reported that 30 people were arrested at the airport.

Now, four of the 30 people have been added to a list of 11 blacklisted travellers that can be viewed by police, customs and border control, as well as banks and credit institutions. Read more…

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China blacklists 4 Chinese travellers who sang the national anthem to protest a flight delay