If you’re going to have last words, they should certainly be memorable ones

Elaine Fydrych, 63, of Gloucester County, New Jersey passed away on August 13. And, in addition to leaving behind “many close friends and family members,” Elaine also left behind one last wry remark in her obituary:

Elaine requests, “In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton”.


Elaine’s quip probably came as no surprise to those who knew her, as she was apparently very active in local theater and comedy. Her obituary states that she “became affiliated with the Broadway theatre in Pitman, NJ and appeared in a number of productions there,” and that “she was a natural at comedy and her standup act was part of a Comcast local comic special in 2008.” Read more…

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Comedian requests one thing in obituary: ‘Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton’