Conan O’Brien zipped himself into a Fallout 4 Vault onesie for his Clueless Gamer look at the new release, proving yet again that this is truly an amazing time to be alive.

Do you really need more than “Conan wore a sci-fi onesie on national television” to encourage you to watch? What if we sweeten the deal with the promise of multiple ass jokes, plenty of gratuitous violence and one fatal Conan tumble — because the late night host doesn’t seem to understand the dangers of leaping off a cliff?

As usual, O’Brien and his Clueless Gamer sidekick Aaron Bleyaert bring the funny in their TV-friendly look at Bethesda Softworks’ hot new game. The Late Night with Conan O’Brien episode also opened with a whole Fallout 4-themed gag, which you can check out below. Read more…

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Conan O’Brien cosplays in a ‘Fallout 4’ onesie on live TV