Salesforce buys word processing app Quip for $750M

8 hours ago by Ingrid Lunden

Apple drops a new iOS 10 beta with a hundred new emojis 😱🎉🙌

11 hours ago by Romain Dillet

Here’s the 18th batch of companies from 500 Startups

6 hours ago by Matthew Lynley

Tesla moves forward on $2.6B SolarCity acquisition

9 hours ago by John Mannes

Glassdoor sued by user whose email was ‘leaked’ instead of BCC’ed

8 hours ago by Kate Conger

Binary Capital backs runaway trains with $175 million new fund

9 hours ago by Josh Constine

Elizabeth Holmes is finally presenting her technology to scientists, including a “miniLab”

8 hours ago by Sarah Buhr

Publishers dodged a bullet in their war with Facebook

4 hours ago by James G. Brooks, Jr

Let’s block ads! (Why?)


Crunch Report | Uber China Merges with Didi Chuxing