Welcome to 2016, everyone! In addition to learning to write new dates on all of our checks (people still use those, right?), we’re also getting used to something new here on The Monitor podcast: getting used to calling ourselves WIRED Culture.


That’s right: WIRED Entertainment is now WIRED Culture, and as such The Monitor is now WIRED’s culture podcast. We’ll still be talking about all our favorite movies, TV, books, music, and Internet ephemera, we’ll just be doing it under a new designation. (Don’t worry, we’ll also still provide lots of glorious non-sequiturs.)

So what’s the culture team got cooking this week? Well, since it’s our first podcast after the holiday break, we’re spending our joyful reunion talking about everything we caught up on over the last week: Hateful Eight roadshows, Jessica Jones on Netflix, and Oscar contenders like Spotlight. In short, we spent our time not fighting mall crowds, and filling our brains with all the pop culture 2015 had to offer. So go ahead and reheat that last bit of holiday leftovers (no judgment) and settle in. We’ve got editors and contributors Peter Rubin, Angela Watercutter, and Charley Locke in the booth and we’ve had a lot on our mind grapes the last couple of weeks—so we’re ready to talk about it.

A few helpful links for things we talk about in the podcast:

-WIRED’s favorite movies of 2015
-Charley Locke’s piece on Hateful Eight composer Ennio Morricone
-Kanye West’s new song “Facts”
-Our guide to the Hateful Eight roadshow
-AARP names Spotlight the best “movie for grownups”
-WIRED’s piece on Fresh Dressed
-Joss Whedon’s interview with Oxford Union

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Culture Podcast: Time to Reflect on Our TV-Addled Holiday Laziness