LOS ANGELES — Before Dan Harmon was a successful writer and actor, he was a dungeon master.

But not a very good one.

“I started playing Dungeons & Dragons with a group of people when I was 12; it lasted for a few short joyful chapters of my life,” he told Mashable.

“There was this cool kid in the neighborhood who moved to Milwaukee from California. He was 15, had a skateboard and liked to get high. One day, he invited us play the game. I ended up becoming the the world’s least successful, but most passionate dungeon master.”

Now, a grown-up Harmon — who is behind hits such as NBC’s Community and Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty — has taken his nerdy childhood passion and turned it into a show. Read more…

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Dan Harmon brings the hilarious world of fantasy roleplaying to NBC’s Seeso