Netflix’s newest original series, Degrassi: Next Class, opens with a reference to someone who will be familiar both to fans of the show and fans of pop culture more broadly: Drake, a.k.a. actor, Aubrey Graham, a.k.a. the guy who played Jimmy on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

“You know how Drake says ‘started from the bottom, now we’re here?’” says Maya, a current Degrassi character. “Yes, he’s talking about the cutthroat world of the hip hop industry — but that idea could also apply to the first day of school.”

The rest of the Netflix original series –- the most recent continuation of the popular Canadian teen drama franchise, which launched its first incarnation in 1987 — echoes that similar nostalgic, self-referential tone. And man, it feels good to go back to Degrassi Community School Read more…

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‘Degrassi’ review: Netflix’s revival is steeped in nostalgia (in a good way)