Well, to paraphrase one Reverend Timothy Lovejoy: Short answer, “no” with a “but.”

Long answer: The Simpsonsmuch buzzed-about 27th (!) season premiere did, in fact, revolve around a plot that saw Marge and Homer deciding to test out a trial separation — and Homer finding love again with a fetching young pharmacist voiced by Lena Dunham.

But as the series’ official Twitter account implied this summer — shortly after news of Homer and Marge’s split caused a massive firestorm of controversy on the Internet — that separation was about as consequential as learning that Principal Skinner is actually an identity-stealing hoodlum named Armin Tamzarian. (Which is to say, not consequential in the slightest.) Read more…

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Did Homer and Marge really break up on the ‘Simpsons’ season premiere?