Tax season really snuck up on you again, didn’t it? (What day is it again?) You still have until Monday, April 18 to file and pay your taxes, and while that’s plenty of time to get all your paperwork in order, you might need a little help.

Use these mobile apps to count those pennies. Taxcaster collects general info about your income and expenses, and then takes a guess at what your refund might be. Shoeboxed lets you take pictures of your receipts, which it categorizes and uses to creates expense reports. (Wish you knew about that a year ago? Well, start using it now for next year.) MyBlock is an app made by H&R Block that gives you info and advice about your tax return, and IRS2GO is the Fed’s own app—use it to check your return status, or to make a payment. Is it all getting to be a little too much? Recenter your chi with the meditation app Pause.

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Did You Put Off Your Taxes? Don’t Panic, Use These Apps