Here’s the recipe for this week’s Doctor Who: Start with the basic plot from Seven Samurai, in which reluctant fighters train and save a village of peasants from returning bandits. Layer on a smear of Norse mythology and a smattering of space fantasy trappings: the peasants are vikings, the bandits are a fearsome alien race called the Mire who go around the universe impersonating local gods and snatching up warriors in order to drink their testosterone. Leave to simmer overnight while our hero comes up with a strategy to defeat the beasties.

So far, so generic; this is hardly the first piece of entertainment to steal the plot of Kurosawa’s classic film. (Even the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon did an episode in homage.) But wait, there’s also a hefty dose of spice to stir in. And we’re not just talking about Maisie Williams; we’ll get to her shortly Read more…

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