Faced with a shortage of sperm donors, Chinese sperm banks have a new marketing ploy: They’re advertising iPhones in exchange for donations.

Well, sort of. The going rate for donations seems to hover between 5,000 yuan (US$785.68) and 6,000 yuan (US$942.82), which is enough to cover the US$649 needed for a 16GB iPhone 6S when it comes out.

Several sperm banks are distributing flyers and taking out newspaper ads with iPhones prominently displayed on top, in the hopes of catching more eyes with their plea.

For example, the Renji Hospital in Shanghai started distributing a digital flyer (link in Chinese) on chat app WeChat, offering 6,000 yuan (US$942.82) for a 40 millilitres donation, as well as a free medical check. It even states that men can donate over several sessions within a six-month stretch, since a regular “session” will produce somewhere between 2 millilitres and 6 millilitres of a sample. Read more…

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Donate sperm, get an iPhone 6S, Chinese marketers boast